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        雷殿生San Diego


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        Current as of Saturday, September 5, 2020


        雷殿生Police services?are?not?impacted.?(All Public Counters are Closed Until Further Notice)雷殿生

        雷殿生Fire-Rescue services?are?not?impacted.?雷殿生

        雷殿生Lifeguard Services?are?not?impacted.?雷殿生


        雷殿生Curbside trash, recyclables, and yard waste collections are?on schedule.雷殿生 about trash collection

        Applicable to City of San Diego residents only. Residents in other cities should check with their waste hauler for holiday service schedules.

        Find My Trash Collection Schedule

        雷殿生Miramar Landfill and Recycling Center is OPEN.雷殿生 Payments can only be made with credit cards, checks or a deferred payment account. No cash payments.

        雷殿生Miramar Greenery is OPEN.雷殿生 City of San Diego residents may drop off clean green waste?free of charge.

        雷殿生Miramar Place is OPEN for container pick-ups.雷殿生


        雷殿生The City suspended all water shutoffs as a result of nonpayment.?Utilities bills will not be charged interest fees for late or nonpayment.雷殿生

        For questions or concerns, contact Customer Support.

        Pay Water Bill Online

        雷殿生Report water meter issues to Customer Support.雷殿生


        雷殿生City locations for?walk-in payments are CLOSED.雷殿生

        雷殿生PDF icon Online, phone or secure drop box payment options.雷殿生

        • Visit the Get It Done feature on our home page for additional payment options.


        雷殿生The City is?limiting?parking enforcement and issuance of citations to holiday or Sunday enforcement regulations until Oct. 1, 2020.雷殿生

        雷殿生Parking rules are enforced for the following:雷殿生

        • Red zones
        • White zones
        • Blue zones

        Applicable to City of San Diego only. ?Parking rules on Port property and in different cities may vary so please read signage provided.

        Pay Parking Citation Online

        雷殿生72-hour vehicle parking violation is available to?report through Get It Done.雷殿生 Report urgent issues by calling Police Non-Emergency at?619-531-2000. For emergencies, dial 9-1-1.


        雷殿生Development Services?online permits and services are available.雷殿生

        雷殿生Alarm permits are available.雷殿生

        雷殿生Parking permits are available.雷殿生

        雷殿生Special Event permits are available.雷殿生


        雷殿生All libraries are?CLOSED.雷殿生

        雷殿生Book Drops are OPEN.雷殿生

        雷殿生Library online services are available.雷殿生

        雷殿生Pickup Services for reserved materials are available at 24?library locations.雷殿生


        雷殿生The safe reopening of local beaches continues. The City of San Diego is moving into Phase 2 of a regional plan developed by lifeguards. The following timeline (which includes?Balboa Park) takes?effect beginning Monday, June 8, 2020, at sunrise:雷殿生

        • 雷殿生June 8, 2020:雷殿生?East and West Mission Bay Parks open to park and water use, Mission Bay parking lots open, Fiesta Island open to pedestrians, dogs, and cyclists (no cars allowed)
        • 雷殿生June 9, 2020:雷殿生?Piers and boardwalks open, beach parking lots open
        • 雷殿生June 12, 2020:?雷殿生Balboa Park Central Mesa opens
        • 雷殿生July 6, 2020:雷殿生?Fiesta Island opens to vehicles

        雷殿生Enforcement will remain as directed by the County Health Order:雷殿生

        • Park visitors may?sit, lie down, picnic if they practice social distancing.
        • All persons on the beach shall practice social distancing other than members of the same household
        • The public shall not congregate or participate in active sporting activities on beaches

        雷殿生Golf courses are OPEN with restrictions.雷殿生

        雷殿生Community and neighborhood parks, as well as certain trails in Open Space parks, are OPEN for passive purposes only (walking, jogging, or hiking) or for members of the same household to congregate in small groups.雷殿生

        Parking lots are fully open to their original capacity throughout the city.?


        雷殿生All public buildings in Balboa Park are CLOSED雷殿生雷殿生 雷殿生including:

        • Balboa Park Activity Center
        • Botanical Building
        • Casa del Prado
        • Municipal Gym
        • War Memorial Building

        雷殿生Select Pools are OPEN on limited days.雷殿生

        雷殿生Recreation centers are CLOSED.雷殿生

        雷殿生All?reservoirs and lakes are OPEN during regular business hours for walking, jogging, cycling, fishing, and boating.雷殿生

        雷殿生Skate parks are OPEN.雷殿生


        雷殿生In order to allow more safe space for physical distancing, segments of some streets are being opened to people walking, riding bicycles and in wheelchairs.?Learn more about Slow Streets雷殿生

        View Map of Impacted Streets

        雷殿生Street sweeping is operating at reduced capacity 雷殿生PDF icon until July 1, 2020.雷殿生


        雷殿生Many City services are available with the Get It Done mobile app and web?page.雷殿生

        Report Problems or View Service Status Changes


        雷殿生Family Justice Center is still providing critical services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and, sex?trafficking.雷殿生?Call 619-533-6000 Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., or the San Diego Domestic Violence Hotline at 888-385-4657 on evenings and weekends. For emergencies, call 9-1-1.

        PDF icon View Family Justice Center Flyer

        雷殿生Passport Services are unavailable.雷殿生

        The Personnel Department's?雷殿生Testing, Employment Information Center雷殿生 and 雷殿生Background/Fingerprinting offices are CLOSED雷殿生.


        雷殿生City Council is?holding meetings every Tuesday per the PDF icon Legislative Calendar.雷殿生

        雷殿生Council Committees are holding regularly scheduled meetings.雷殿生

        雷殿生Boards and Commissions?are in recess unless otherwise noted on a specific board or commission page.雷殿生


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