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        天然胰岛素San Diego


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        The Fraud Hotline is designed for reporting suspected cases of fraud, waste, or abuse. The Fraud Hotline is not a substitute for employment-related grievances or appeals, as existing City policy and procedures provide channels for resolution of these issues.

        Face to face reporting is always the best form of communication, although that is not always feasible. Current City procedures and/or department instructions state that all complaints should be sent through the chain of command. However, recognizing that employees are not always comfortable going through the chain of command, the Fraud Hotline is another vehicle to report waste, fraud or abuse.


        The City of San Diego will not retaliate, nor will it tolerate retaliation against those who, in good faith, report suspected ethics violations or who participate in an investigation of suspected ethics violations. An act of retaliation should be reported immediately to the City Auditor for referral to the Personnel Director, who will investigate any such report as a potential ethics violation. In addition, those who bring matters to the Office of the City Auditor are protected through the state Whistleblower Protection Act.


        Once the complaint form report is completed by The Network, the City's independent third party provider, The Network emails the report to the Office of the City Auditor. The City Auditor will investigate all complaints received related to fraud, waste, and abuse.


        If a hotline complaint is substantiated, the following enforcement consequences may occur for individuals found to be at fault:

        • Enforcement actions are implemented through the City's management and appointing authority structure.
        • Actions may include management intervention, discipline, referral to the City Attorney's Office and/or referral to the appropriate law enforcement agency.
        • Disciplinary actions by management may include oral or written counseling, oral or written warning, reprimand, supplemental performance evaluation, suspension, reduction in compensation, demotion, or termination.
        • Criminal issues referred to a law enforcement agency may result in prosecution and conviction
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